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We LOVE artwork! Especially the bright innocent fun art that our kids produce time and time again. We believe children's artwork is underrated. We know that adults appreciate children's hard work, but often it gets put away in a safe place, never to be seen again. We don't want that lovely artwork to gather dust! We think you should show it off and let your children know just how amazing they are for being creative!

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 Hello I'm Gemma, the owner of www.happyarthouse.com and busy mum to three crazy kids.  My eldest daughter really inspired the beginning of the Happy Art House. As she got older I couldn't keep up with the amount of artwork she wants to keep and store, and I never felt I was doing it justice by sticking it on the fridge with a dodgy magnet! She has amazing talent and one day, as I put one of her lovely paintings of a snowman riding a magic carpet away in the usual dusty storage box, I decided I was going to do something different with it.   My history with photography and graphic design has given me the skills and tools to work with illustrations and digital art and it has been a passion, income and hobby of mine since 2009.  I began to create digital files of her artwork, and share them on social media and that evolved into printing them onto coffee mugs, t shirts and phone cases.
I know there is a strong need for storing children's artwork and a desire to display them that doesn't cost a fortune, but not everyone has the tools or the time to have them framed or printed professionally (and lack of wall space around the home). I aim to make it an easy, enjoyable experience, to display art in a fun way, giving something very special to treasure and show off. 

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