How does it work?

With the skills and tools to enhance any painted or sketched image into a fully customized graphic, we can display your chosen artwork in any way you wish. Add text to make fun greeting cards or t-shirts, or simply let the images speak for themselves. 

All you need to do is take a clear photo of your child's artwork, straight from above looking down, and preferably in daylight (just place it by a window during daylight and photograph from above) so there isn't any bright glare, or shadows.

All of the examples you see on our website have been photographed using a mobile phone camera. There is a text option, so you can add names or writing to your images, but please also use this for any other comments such as 'red background'.

 Once you have ordered a product with a photo of your artwork, I will email your design and then confirm the order and finalise payment.  If you change your mind, just let me know within 3 days of placing your order and we can look at other designs or not proceed with final payment. This means there is no obligation to buy until you have seen exactly how cool your item will look!  If we do not get a request to change or cancel the order within 3 days, we will proceed to print and dispatch your artwork.  

To see how our print partners complete the process, watch this short video below!

Questions for the Owner:

How do you work?

'I am lucky enough to have all the equipment I need at home to process and customise products. I collaborate with some of the worlds leading print companies to bring your artwork to life. Based in the UK, Europe and USA, between us we can design and produce gifts for customers globally.
When not working from home, you will find me meeting clients and associates in and around London, often with my camera or my laptop and a hot chocolate '                                                                                                                                                                                     - Gemma/Owner
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